Want to Start your own Hair Salon or run a Mobile Hairdressing Service?

1 - Get the right Equipment

2 - Know your Market

You have a choice of two main types of hairdressing, you must pick the one that suits your needs the best.
Choice 1 is the more modern salon style of hairdressing, this style follows fashions and styles directly.
Choice 2 is the more traditional hairdressers, this choice usually requires less training, as the work is less about styling hair and concentrates more on the basic cutting of hair.
Find out what would give you the best return in your area, if you are providing mobile hairdressing services then the simpler cutting style will benefit you best, it requires less equipment and less of your valuable time!

3 - Advertising

Local advertising is the best way to sell your services. Word of mouth will only get you so far, so if you want to be a success, then you need to get your details into the marketplace where others can find you!
You can get a free listing right here in our Leeds Hairdressers Directory, or a paid listing to get a featured advert.
Try putting an ad on Gumtree - make sure you select the right section for your local area.
Buying an ad in local papers, is usually a good investment, as well as ads in shop windows.
If you have a car, get yourself a sticker made with your name and number on (include your website if you have one) and you are getting free advertising everywhere you drive!

4 - Price yourself into the Market

Hairdressers generally charge a set price for the work or style that is carried out, find out what others are charging in your area and undercut them if you think you can afford it. Be realistic though and don't undersell yourself, if you develop a reputation for quality you may be able to increase your prices in the future.
Print up a price list and leave it with your clients, leave a couple extra and ask them to pass them on to friends (remember to include your details so they can contact you!)

5 - Qualifications and Skills

A qualification in hairdressing (such as an NVQ) is an excellent selling point and can be obtained relatively easily through night school courses or colleges.
Trainee positions at salons are often highly competed, but don't be afraid to learn your trade in a salon then branch off on your own, if you are ruthless you can take some of your clients with you too!

6 - It doesn't hurt to Read!

Haircutting for Dummies - I'm not calling you a Dummy, but most people have to start somewhere!

How to Simply Cut Hair:: A Step by Step Guide to the Six Basic Haircuts That Can Be Combined or Altered to Create Just About Any Hairstyle

7 - Set up a Salon

If you are great at what you do, and build up a good client base then you may consider setting up your own Salon, this is a competitive business, and is not something you should do lightly. Make sure you have already got clients that would be willing to come to your salon, so you have a guaranteed customer base and income stream.

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