Haircutting Clippers

First things first - you'll need some clippers!
You can read some of our Hair Clipper Reviews to get a good idea on the best hair clippers to buy.
You will not need to break the bank, and a good basic kit should cost you less than 30, this investement will pay for itself in just a couple of months.

How To Cut Hair

First off, you should read the instructions that come with your clippers, and familiarise yourself with them, and the accessories that come with the kit.

Ok, so your ready to cut: - Before you start you should assess the current length of the hair and make sure you know how short you want to go. Always start with the longest of the cutting guides and gradually shorten the hair to the desired level.

If your going for the classic Short Back and Sides, then start on the top of the head, start with a higher grade and work your way down to the desired length. Ensure you go over the head several times to get all the hair to the same length.

Now move down to the next grade and go round the top side of the head with that grade, making sure to not go too high onto the top of the head that you have just cut.

Moving onto the sides of the head work down through the remaining grades to the desired length, making sure you grade each level in to the previous one.

To tidy up round the ears and the back of the head, fold down the ear and use the edge of the clipper without a guard on and carefully trim to the required shape.

If your kit came with scissors you can use these around the ears and to trim the fringe. To avoid extra straight fringes use the scissors to cut upwards into the fringe, in small movements, rather than straight across the forehead.

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